What is the best gift you can give to your child?

If you were to ask many parents in their 50s and above who already had grown up children, many will tell you that their children grew up too quickly. They wish they had spent more time reading God’s words to their children. It is for this reason that this website is built, to make family devotion easy and to unveil the truth that our Heavenly Father loves us beyond what we can comprehend.

Here’s what’s on this site

Illustrated Bible Scriptures

There are more than 200 illustrated bible stories in this website. Every bible story on this website contains exact scriptures from the World English Bible British Edition (WEBBE), illustrated with pictures, to help children read the exact scriptures.

Science and God

Does science such as the big bang theory proves that there is no God?  Let the evidence consolidated in this site demonstrate how science reveals the infinite wisdom of God.