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We have embarked on a mission to illustrate the entire bible so that it makes reading of the bible easy for children. We believe that all scriptures are inspired by God and every child should begin to read the word of God as early as possible. We are beginning with bible stories and we believe that some day, we will finish illustrating the entire bible.

Every bible story in this website contain extract of actual bible scriptures in World English Bible /International Spelling Edition (WEBPB), illustrated with pictures to help kids understand the scriptures. Our objective is to help kids enjoy God’s words. We encourage parents to read with their kids and talk about the stories, share your knowledge of God with them and guide them in the way of God.

Wondering if you should be reading simplified bible stories to your kids or the actual scriptures? Read my experience here and how the LORD provided all the resources in the setting up of this website.

Estrella Espero

Estrella Espero


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