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Why are there repetitions in Genesis 1 & 2?

The reason is because Chapter 1 of the book of Genesis provides a macro view of God’s creation whereas chapter 2 provides a micro perspective of how much God loves mankind and how He wrote the life stories of mankind.

In Genesis 1:26-28, we read that God created mankind in His image and blessed them to be master of all His creation. However in chapter 2 of Genesis, we learned that man was created from dust. Though man was created from dust, God loved Adam so much that whatever Adam named the living creature, that was the name of that creature. God gave Adam the approval, favour and authority. God had even planned the calling, career and mission for Adam.

Take note that although Adam was created in Genesis 2:7, the scriptures specifically mentioned in Genesis 2:8-10 that God planted a garden in this huge earth as a home for Adam and Eve. God intricately planned and designed what kind of plants are to be in the garden. He made the fruits to be delicious and beautiful. He carefully planned the rivers that watered the garden as well as the gold and precious stones in the nearby land.

After God had planted the garden of Eden, He orchestrated the love between Adam and Eve. God waited for Adam to be ready, to realise that he needed a companion before He made Eve. So you see, chapter 2 of the Book of Genesis is not just a repetition of Genesis 1. Instead, it gives us  a micro perspective of the love of God and how He demonstrates His love by intricately planning, designing and creating everything to bless mankind.