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Why did God give an instruction that a man shall leave his parents and be united with his wife?

Why was there a verse that said “That is why a man leaves his father and mother….. “(Genesis 2:24)? What is the significance of this verse?

Genesis 2:24 is an instruction for a good marriage. Every man has to rise up to love, cherish, provide and be responsible for his wife and children. God has created the woman to be a helper to her husband. The two together is sufficient to overcome the challenges in life. If a man remained reliant on his parents, he will not learn to take his position as the head of the family to love and protect his wife and children. It may cause the wife to lose respect for him. For a woman to love a man, she must be able to respect the man.

The union of a man and a woman in love, together with the presence of God, is strong enough to overcome any kind of challenges in life. The involvement of more parties would merely complicates things. It is for this reason that Genesis 1:24 was given as an instruction for a good marriage.