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Why is it that Eve was not created at the same time or immediately after Adam was created?

Why did God not make Eve soon after He said He will make a suitable companion for Adam (Genesis 2:18) and instead God  brought the animals to Adam (Genesis 2:19)? Certainly God knew that only a female human being would make a suitable companion. Why was there a delay? Why was Eve not made from dust, just like Adam?

There is a reason why there was a delay in creating Eve. First, God had to establish Adam’s position, authority, inheritance and mission. With this, he will have the respect of his wife. God created woman such that when she is full of admiration and respect for a man, she will naturally fall in love with him.

Men, on the other hand, is attracted to a woman’s beauty. There will always be many beautiful women everywhere. So, for a good marriage, the man had to be able to love and cherish the woman he married. So, the second reason for the delay is that God had to cause Adam to realise that he was in need of a human companion.

Adam had to discover that even the position, authority, career and animal friends he had could not meet his needs. When he realised this, he would be able to love and cherish the woman when God finally brought her into his life.