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Why was the 7th day not stated in Genesis Chapter 1?

In this post, we are going to analyse why Genesis Chapter 1 ends on the 6th day? Why was the 7th day of creation not listed in Genesis 1 but in Genesis 2?

If you were to pick up any book, you will discover that each chapter of any book convey a specific message or story or theme. So it is logical or common sense to conclude that the contents within Genesis chapter 2 must together convey a common message or  has a common theme. So, let’s look at the broad categories of verses in Genesis chapter 2:

 1. Verse 4 to 7 – was a introduction that tells us the upcoming verses was a history of the generations of mankind and about creation.

2. Verse 8-14  – God planted the garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. It was a home created for them.

3. Verse 18 – 24 – God was writing the love story of Adam and Eve. He gave Adam the mission to cultivate the garden and cause him to see the need for a campanion.

You will notice that all the verses from Genesis 2:4 to Genesis 2:25 centered around Adam and Eve.

Effectively, verse 8-14 is about God planting the garden of Eden which was a matrimony home for Adam and Eve. The gold, resin and onyx were like wedding gifts and dowry.

Verse 18 -20 was actually about how the LORD prepared Adam to see his need for a companion so that when Eve entered his life, he would love and cherish her.

In other words, we can see that chapter 2 is all about God creating a home for Adam, giving him the mission and authority as he inherit the kingdom God created for him, preparing him to be ready to receive and love his bride and giving him the instruction for a good marriage.

Base on this, we can now go back to Genesis 2:1-3 and reinforce our analysis above that God stopped work on the 7th day to spend time with Adam and Eve.

The fact that the 7th day where God rested to spend time with Adam and Eve was placed in chapter 2 where the theme was about God creating a home and preparing Adam to receive Eve, we can believe that the scripture is telling us that the secret to a blessed marriage and family begins with the couple resting in God’s presence, receiving His perfect love.

This explains why the 7th day was not in chapter 1 but in chapter 2 of Genesis.