Why are there Seven Days in a Week?

The first chapter of the Bible gave the answer to this question. God has designed it that way.  He put in place days, weeks, months, and years and within each of these, there are cycles that kept repeating. We see the sunrise and sunset and this cycle is repeated every day. We see the four seasons — from spring to summer to autumn to winter and the cycle repeats every year.



Moon phases.

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If you observe the Moon, you will notice that on some days, it is a full moon and on some days, we see only a thin crescent and on some day we do not see the moon at all. From the day we see the New moon to Half moon, to Full moon, back to Half moon and New moon again is considered one month and the moon cycle repeats itself every month. Ancient civilisation has noted that within a month, there are four weeks and within each week are seven days.

Do you know?

We see the sunrise everyday because our Earth rotates around it’s own axis. The Earth takes 24 hours to complete one rotation and that makes up one day. See the animated image on the right, as the Earth rotates, we move from seeing a little of the Sun which is sunrise, to seeing the full Sun in the mid day, to seeing the Sunset, to not seeing the Sun at all which is night time and then back to seeing the Sun again in the morning.

At the same time, the Moon orbit around the Earth and the Earth orbit around the Sun. The Moon is visible to us when light from the Sun is shone on it. On certain days, the moon is not visible to us because the sunlight it is blocked by the Earth. It takes one month for the moon to complete one orbit round the earth while it takes one year for the Earth to rotate round the Sun. As the earth orbit around the Sun on a path that is oval and not totally circle. On certain months, the Earth is further away from the Sun and so we feel colder, having our winter and autumn seasons.

Ra-Horakhty a combined deity
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No one can change God’s way

The 7-day week was is adopted by everyone throughout the entire Earth, both Eastern and Western countries. In 1792 France tried a 10-day week, but it failed. The Soviet Union tried a 5-day system in 1929 and a 6-day system in 1932, it didn’t work too. In 1940 it returned to a 7-day week.
Our God, our LORD, is Almighty, powerful, King of kings, LORD of lords. Read the story of Jesus. With His words He can calm a storm. With just a word, our LORD Jesus can wipe out the entire land of Egypt. Yet, He did not. He chose to patiently let Pharaoh turned back on his words 10 times so that the Egyptians may know that He is the LORD.