Why are we having Physics Course on this site?


We have begun on a journey of creating academic courses to help students excel in their studies, particularly for those who could not afford costly private tuition.These courses are designed to help students master each topic in less than 2 hours. They are great materials even for anyone teachers and tutors. These courses are sold at Udemy but every month we will be giving away FREE courses. So do check out and use the coupons provided.

Physics Courses for Cambridge (iGCSE or GCE)  “O” Level


Crash Course

Kinematics for GCE “O” Level

We specially crafted this course to help students learn each Kinematics concept in under 10 minutes. It is an excellent course for last minute students preparing for test or exam. Filled with animated illustrations, it enables students to understand visually what is speed, velocity, displacement and acceleration. It has a whole section on interpreting graphs and the concept of free fall, explaining the physics behind skydiver. Students are taught how to answer examination questions and are corrected on common misconceptions.

Crash Course

Dynamics for GCE “O” Level

Dynamics is about Forces. In this course, students will learn about balanced and unbalanced forces and how that relates to Newton’s laws of motion. Students will also learn the different types of forces – weight, contact force, upthrust, resistive force and tension. A whole module is developed to help students answer examination questions correctly. This course is designed to help students preparing for test or exam to master the entire topic on Dynamices in less than 2 hours.

Learn each concept in under 10 mins

Turning Effect of a Force

If you are a student taking the Cambridge iGCSE / GCE “O” Level Physics examination, this is the course that will help you master the topic on the Moment of a Force and Stability.

This course is carefully curated to help students prepare and score well for their Physics examination .  The course has been designed to make the learning process simple, fast and effective. At the end of the 1 1/2 hour, you will find yourself having completed more than 30 challenging questions. No reason you cannot score!

Learn each concept in under 10 mins

Energy, Work & Power

Whether you are a teacher/tutor looking for teaching materials or whether you are a parent sourcing for GCE “O” level Physics materials to help your child, this course will be excellent.

It has a whole module to help students grasp the concept of energy conversion and conservation, a very important topic that is frequently tested. After going through that module, students will find the concept simple and can apply it to any type of systems — roller coasters, pendulum, vibrating spring, etc. The course aims at helping students understand correctly the concepts and how to answer examination questions correctly.

Learn each concept in under 10 mins

Mass, Weight, Density & Pressure

Many students thought that these are simple topics but this course not only help students master the ability to solve examination questions, it helps students enjoy this topic by relating the concepts to everyday events and answer questions such as:

1. difference between Mass and Weight

2. why the value of gravitational field strength is the same as the acceleration due to free fall

3. why density causes some things to float and some to sink

4. why pressure in liquids, unlike pressure in air, does not depend on surface area

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