Why did Jesus wash the disciples’ feet?

Discover what is the hidden treasure in John 13:1. Was Jesus setting an example on humility or there is more to the washing of the disciples’ feet?

In the story where Jesus washed the disciples feet before he was arrested and crucified, many pastors taught that Jesus was teaching the disciples a lesson on humility. Do you think it is truly a lesson on humility? If it is, then, I would say, many, inclusive of pastors did not live up to it.

I asked the LORD to explain the significance of this story and the LORD explained that the hidden treasure lies in John 13:1. Jesus knowing that His time has come….. and that He loved them to the end…in verse 5,  He washed the disciples’ feet. Jesus, in that state of sorrow was doing with intense love. It was like a mother who has been sentenced to death and having to leave her children, she would do something for them, maybe cook a last meal for them or whatever her love and sorrow drove her to do.


The LORD was in fact baptising them, preparing them to receive the Holy Spirit. In the following chapters, He began to tell them about the Holy Spirit and the power they will have with the Holy Spirit. Water represents the Holy Spirit.  The disciples believed and hence are already cleansed. However, they walking in this fallen world and needs to constantly sanctified by the Word and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is a compassionate God who loves us intensely, just as we love our children. God’s love is like water always rushes towards the lowliest and the love that Jesus had, drove Him to even wash the disciples’ feet.

Regardless of the situation you may be in. Maybe you are in deep trouble, you have done something wrong, or you have messed up your life. Know that God loves you and the Holy Spirit of God is the Living Water. Water will always rush to the lowest, and cleanses us.  In this story, Jesus was baptizing and preparing the disciples to receive the Holy Spirit and He commanded that they should love one another and likewise, baptize people with the Holy Spirit.

My child, God loves you and through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Holy Spirit of God lives in us, believers, forever.


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If you are not yet a believer:

God loves you. He sent is only beloved Son, LORD Jesus to come and die for your sins so that by Jesus’ blood, you are forever forgiven and you can live a victorious life of health, wealth, joy and every blessings from heaven. Anyone who believes that Jesus is the Son of God and receives Him as LORD and Saviour has eternal life. You can become a believer simply by believing in your heart and saying this prayer:


Dear LORD Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I believe that you love me and chose to die for my sins so that I can live a victorious life. I receive you right now as my LORD and Saviour and from this time forth, I am a new creation, a child of God Most High. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.