Why did Jesus weep?

Jesus wept, (John 11:35, WEBBE). Discover what is the hidden treasure in this shortest verse in the bible.

In the story of Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, In John 11:35, it was stated that Jesus wept.

Have you ever asked why did Jesus weep? Jesus knew He was going to raise Lazarus, why did He weep?

I asked the LORD to explain to me why did He weep and the LORD told me that whenever believers cry, He already knew that their ending will be a blessing. In all cases, God already have plans to turn our setbacks to success, our mourning to joy and beauty. God knew what is our future, that our future will always be good because He holds our future. He writes our life story and He has beautiful ending stories for every believers because He has paid the price for us. Regardless of what we are sufferring, our ending while we are in this life, will always be good because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

The LORD explained to me that even for those few minutes, Jesus felt Mary and Martha’s sorrow and He wept. He felt the sorrow eventhough He knew the ending is going to be good. He is our best friend who understands all our pain.

Hence, whenever we are in pain, we have the confidence that Jesus understands, He feels every tear drop that we shed., eventhough He knew that our ending will be good.


My child, when you cry, know that Jesus is crying with you. He is our best friend.


(background Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash)


If you are not yet a believer:

God loves you. He sent is only beloved Son, LORD Jesus to come and die for your sins so that by Jesus’ blood, you are forever forgiven and you can live a victorious life of health, wealth, joy and every blessings from heaven. Anyone who believes that Jesus is the Son of God and receives Him as LORD and Saviour has eternal life. You can become a believer simply by believing in your heart and saying this prayer:


Dear LORD Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I believe that you love me and chose to die for my sins so that I can live a victorious life. I receive you right now as my LORD and Saviour and from this time forth, I am a new creation, a child of God Most High. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.