Abram had his fears and shortcomings and almost endangered his wife but the LORD protected him and his family despite his weaknesses and imperfections. Did the LORD despise Abram because of his mistakes?

No! In fact we read that the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai. Eventhough Abram made the mistake out of his fears, our gracious LORD’s protection was still upon him and his family!

Wait, are you wondering if the LORD was unfair to Pharaoh? The first time I read this scripture and learned that the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues although it was  Abram’s wrong doing of lying to Pharaoh, I thought it sounded unfair. However when I inquired of the LORD, I realised it was our gracious LORD’s protection upon Abram and his family. With the plagues, Pharaoh knew that the LORD’s presence and protection was on Abram and his family and hence would not dare to harm them. Otherwise, Abram and his entire family may be executed for having lied to the Pharaoh.

We read in Genesis 13:4 that after leaving Egypt, Abram called on the name of the LORD. I believe Abram must have been feeling terrible at that moment, having been exposed in his wrong doings, realising the danger he put his wife and entire family into and having to leave the fertile and prosperous land of Egypt. Above all, he must have also realised how the LORD had protected him. He knew that he can call on the name of the LORD despite his mistakes. He knew that the gracious LORD will never despise him despite his wrong doings. I have learned from this scripture that even when we tmake mistakes, we can turn to God and call on the name of the LORD. Our LORD is gracious and will never reject us.

Then in Genesis 13:14-17, after Lot left him, Abram must be feeling sad too having to ask Lot to depart from him. Yet in that very low moment, the LORD reminded Abram of His promise to give that land to him. In fact, in our lowest moment, He is there to comfort us, like the way He reminded Abram of His promises.

It is this knowledge of the LORD that in one of the darkest moment of my life when I lost all hopes of my career that I turned to the LORD and claim on this promise. You can click here to read more. Indeed the LORD is faithful. He carried me through all my difficult times.

Friends, our LORD will never despise us when we make mistakes and turn to him. In fact, I have learned that in life, only one thing is necessary. That is to walk intimately with the LORD. Turn to him, whether it is good times or bad times, whether we have done right or done wrong. Turn to him!